Koncepcja Placu Narutowicza w Warszawie

Koncepcja Placu Narutowicza w Warszawie

Location /Lokalizacja: Warsaw, Poland

Competition entry / Praca konkursowa

Team / Zespół: AKP / Pawel Sosnowski

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The main objective of the project was to achieve a consistent urban space which will serve as a local center of the district with a qualities of a modern and pedestrian friendly public space.

By changing the geometry of the Grójecka street (eliminating the road that runs along the arc and introducing a parallel road lane), conected two previously separate parts of the square achived the space set for pedestrians and public transport. The traffic takes place around the edge of the square. At the same time the traffic system, both car and public transport, has retained its existing functionality.

Development plan will be based on a framework created by the historic radial urban layout of the square with the radial intersection of the streets. The concept involves the preservation of the pre-war compositional axis – the view axis along Uniwersytecka and Filtrowa street. Axis along Uniwersytecka street was additionally emphasized by a roofing forming a kind of “nave” which will link a public space of the square with the church of St. James the Apostle.

By its function project site can be divided into two main spaces: Town Square and City Park. They combine the most important aspects of residents life : urban energy and modernity (Town Square) and calmness, rest and recreation (Park). City Square and part of the park with cafes and playground meets the requirements of all age groups.

Plaza as a representational space, with varying intensity, will be operating 24/7. As a place to meet other people and exchange information it hits the expectations of the local center. It will function as a public space, the main point of communication with the public transport stops and as a place of life and contacts.

The park area will function as: a place of recreation among the greenery with restaurants, cafes and exhibition pavilions . Public playground will fulfill the expectations of the younger users and their parents. High greenery will serve also as insulation (noise, tram tracks, polution).